GDS provides the very best in product selection with all hearth categories from industry leaders such as FMI Fireplaces and Majestic Fireplaces. Whether you are looking for a gas fireplace, wood burning fireplace, direct vent fireplaces, a vent free fireplace or an electric fireplace for your home GDS offers a great selection for the builder or homeowners. If you already have a fireplace, you may be interested in seeing what options are available in glass fireplace doors, remote controls and gas logs.

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A Direct Vent Fireplace is a high efficiency, sealed gas fireplace system. Fresh air is pulled from the exterior of the house via the flue and burned within the confines of the combustion chamber. By-products of combustion are isolated from the home as they exit to the outside. These fireplaces can be vented horizontally (to an outside wall) or vertically (at the roof) and will minimize heat loss through the chimney.

FMI Direct Vent Fireplaces
Majestic Direct Vent Fireplaces

Vent Free Fireplaces are designed for maximum efficiency and require no flue. Highly efficient burners provide clean heat directly to your home and will not produce harmful levels of unburned combustion by-products. All ventless fireplaces are AGA/CSA approved and equipped with an ODS or oxygen depletion sensor. These require sufficient combustion air and should be located to areas spacious enough as not to become too warm. Vent free fireplaces are not approved for baths, and bedroom units are limited to 10,000 Btu¹s. Each firebox is a complete unit with built-in engine, and log set included.

B-Vent, sometimes called “natural vent”, is a traditional gas fireplace designed to emulate the wood-burning hearth. It carries the CSA approval as a decorative appliance and takes its name from the use of ’class B’ chimney, commonly used with other vented gas appliances. Combustion air is drawn from the home and exhausted at the roof only. Glass doors or panels are sometimes used, but the glass is loose, i.e., not sealed to the combustion chamber. While B-Vents are designed to provide some radiant heat, they will carry furnace-heated air up the flue. Most jurisdictions approve these for bedrooms or baths. An outside air kit is required.

FMI B Vent Fireplaces
Majestic B Vent Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplaces, the most standard of pre fabricated fireplaces, come as small as 36” and as large as 50” with various depths, refractory’s, and finishes. Wood burning fireplaces can be outfitted with a gas starter or gas logs. Combustion air to fuel these units is drawn from the room and from outside air, if installed. Wood burning fireplaces vent vertically with UL listed and tested air cooled pipe.


FMI Wood Burning Fireplaces
Majestic Wood Burning Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are the only prefabricated fireplaces that do not support an open flame. They are usually outfitted with some type of decorative depiction of an open flame and a heating element similar to that of a space heater. Electric fireplaces also come in various sizes, and finishes.

FMI Electric
Majestic Electric
Classic Flame Electric

Modular Masonry Fireplaces – Modular masonry fireplaces are designed using the latest technologies combined with traditional brick laying techniques to produce the finest and safest fireplace available today. Their sleek design makes it amazingly light weight yet maintains the classic look of brick fireplaces. Styled to please the truly discriminating homeowner, this huge full view fireplace will add warmth to any room. The clean front surface allows you to create the desired look to compliment any decor. Modular masonry fireplaces use lightweight, inexpensive snap lock chimney for quick and easy, safe installation.

FMI Modular Masonry
Sonoran Masonry

Fireplace Options – GDS has all the options you need to complete your fireplace such as Gas Logs, Glass Doors, Remotes, and Blowers.

  • Gas Logs for fireplaces are available for vented (wood burning/gas) and vent free fireplaces. Various artistically crafted logs with built in ember bed burners are available to create the perfect size fire and ambience for your fireplace.

    Vented Gas Logs
    Vent Free Gas Logs

  • Glass Fireplace Doors are available for all fireplaces in black, polished, and brass finishes.

    FMI Glass Doors
    Majestic Glass Doors

  • Fireplace Remote Controls and Blowers are available for particular fireplaces and log sets.