The Worlds Quietest Garage Door Opener, Marantec America belt drive garage door openers are German-engineered and Made in America. The residential group of Marantec designs and builds the Marantec line of garage door openers to last and are guaranteed to provide years of smooth, quiet and trouble-free operation. Marantec belt drive garage door openers are feature rich and have among the best warranty in the business. All Marantec belt drive openers offered by Garage Door Services share the following common features:

EOS – Easy Operating System – Every opener in Marantec’s new and improved E-Line has the new “Easy Operating System”. The EOS system eliminates complicated programming often found in other garage door openers. The simplified functions of the EOS system allow most functions of the opener to be programmed in 3 easy steps. This not only makes the install simple, it makes it easier for the homeowner to program or add remotes at a later time if needed.

1-Piece Galvanized Steel C-Channel Rail – Unlike the openers found in the home centers such as Home Depot® and Lowes®, all Marantec belt drive openers feature a galvanized 1 piece rail. What does this mean to you? The 1-Piece rail eliminates the problems often associated with the 3 and 4 piece rails found in the so called “Bargain” openers found in retail outlets. This fully assembled 1-Piece rail makes for a quick install and eliminates the weak points in the multi-piece rails that become loose or bend over time – potentially causing damage to your door or the opener. This type of damage is never covered by your opener or door warranty. Every Marantec belt drive opener sold at Garage Door Services features the steel-reinforced and super quiet belt drive system for a lifetime of quiet operation.

Transmitters / Remotes – Every Marantec belt drive opener sold by Garage Door Services includes two secure digital 2-Button remotes. The included remotes will operate two openers and are simple to program more if needed. For your convenience, the transmitter / receiver system can be programmed into the garage door opener buttons on most cars. 3 button and 4 button remotes are also available upon request – just in case you have more than two garage doors.

Safety Photo Eyes – Every garage door opener produced since 1993 requires the use of “Safety Photo Eyes”. Safety photo eyes eliminate the possibility of an obstruction such as a bicycle or child from being in the way as the door goes down. This helps to eliminate potential injury or damage to your door.

Multi-Function Wall Station – Unlike many of the openers being offered today, all Marantec openers feature the multifunction wall station. Instead of the simple “doorbell” type button offered on lesser openers that only offers up-down functions, the Marantec Multi-Function offers Up-Down, Light On-Lights Off and even a vacation lock feature – disabling all remotes and keypads from use. Just one more reason to choose Marantec belt drive garage door openers.

The Marantec Line of belt drive garage door openers are a professional line of garage door openers and have many more features. Marantec openers are Made in America, feature rich, built to last and carry the best warranties in the industry. We recommend that you contact a Garage Door Services location near you now to learn more and see how affordable the Marantec Line of Openers really are.

Marantec M4500e

The M4500e DC Belt Drive garage door opener is the entry level opener available from Marantec and is more than enough power to handle most steel or metal garage doors. It features a 500 Newton* DC “Smart Motor” that is coupled with a belt drive system to ensure an amazingly quiet operation inside your garage. A unsurpassed 15-year warranty is included with this model – not available in this price range from most manufactures.

Marantec M4500e Product Sheet
Marantec M4500e Owners Manual

Marantec M4700e

The M4700e belt drive garage door opener from Marantec offers the upgraded power necessary for long dependable operation on garage doors that are heavier than the typical steel door. These may include older masonite / wood garage doors and some wood garage doors typical on newer homes. It features a 700 Newton* DC “Smart Motor” that is coupled with a belt drive system to ensure an amazingly quiet operation inside your garage. The M4700e comes with an unbeatable lifetime parts warranty.

Marantec M4700e Product Sheet
Marantec M4700e Owners Manual

Marantec M4900e

Marantec’s M4900e belt drive opener features a powerful 1000 Newton* DC “Smart Motor”. With this motor, you will have all the power you need for heavier doors such as Wind loaded, Carriage House and 18′ wood garage doors. The M4900e also has the upgraded 2mm Finished Steel Rail system required for extremely heavy doors. Also, included with the M4900e is the Wireless Keyless Entry System. This external keypad will accept up to three codes to operate three different Marantec openers. This unit is weather resistant and is the perfect included option for larger families.

Marantec M4900e Product Sheet
Marantec M4900e Owners Manual

Marantec Q7500e

Marantec’s Q7500e is a DC operated motor with 500 Newtons* of power and will handle garage heavier garage doors. This ultra quiet opener offers a lifetime warranty. This unit also has an extra feature: Self learning force adjustments. This feature will automatically accommodate for changes in the forces necessary to open / close your garage door resulting from changing weather conditions or lack of maintenance to your garage door. Included with this model is the Wireless Keyless Entry System (Keypad) and a Lifetime Warranty on parts.

Marantec Q7500 Product Sheet

Marantec RV8000

The Marantec RV8000 Recreational Vehicle Residential garage door opener is Marantec’s top of the line opener. It is a belt drive opener designed for “Tall Doors” up to 14′ – perfect for RV storage facilities. This full featured unit has the 1000 Newton DC “Smart Motor”, upgraded 2mm Rail System and the Wireless Keyless Entry System (Outdoor keypad). The self learning forces feature will help to reduce that chance that a service call will be needed due to changing conditions in the operation of the door. If you need the best, choose the RV8000 from Marantec.

Marantec RV8000 Product Sheet