Wood Door Design Options

Your Garage Door Services representative will be glad to work closely with you to choose from one of almost 100 of our existing wood garage door designs or you can work with a GDS representative to come up with wood door designs of your own.

Since your garage door makes up such a large portion of your home’s exterior, the wood designs you choose should compliment the rest of your home’s exterior. Your garage door can consume one-third or more of the facade of newer homes, easily making them the single most noticed feature from the street.

The design(s) you choose will include the wood designs shown below, decorative hardware, and materials for your door. You can choose from one of the following wood garage door designs for your Custom Wood Door or design your own.

A wood garage door can be easily customized with paint or stains. Optional windows and glass inserts can be added to most doors for practical or for esthetic reasons.

Real estate agents like to say that the three things that determine the value of a house are location, location and location. But they also talk about “curb appeal” – the impression a house gives when you first approach it. Curb appeal helps determine value and makes a house feel like home.

When you are ready to choose a new or replacement wood door, it certainly makes sense to find designs that fits well with your home. Here is a brief outline of the common wood garage door designs available from GDS.

Contact a representative at the location nearest you to help choose your custom wood garage door designs today!

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