Garage Door Scams Exposed By Industry Magazine

Unscrupulous behavior by service companies is unfortunately all too common. We are proud to work in an industry that makes the best attempts possible to self-police and expose companies who prey on consumers.

With the garage door being the largest opening on a home, it poses a significant security and safety risk. While a non-functioning or fallen garage door is more times than not an emergency item, exploiting homeowners in an emergency situation is absolutely unacceptable. Below is a link to an article published in an industry magazine that does an excellent job exposing practices that no reputable garage door company would ever consider.

Garage Door Services has had its brush with companies failing to positively represent our industry. In certain instances, other companies with a checkered history have used similar names and branding as Garage Door Services. In CBS in Dallas did a feature on the real Garage Door Services and how we have been negatively impacted by unscrupulous companies using our name.

Terry Wright, President of Garage Door Services, noted "I make no apology for my passion in wanting to rid our industry of these type unscrupulous businesses and it's not all centered around what they have done to us. Garage Door Services (The real GDS) has been around since 1990 and will continue to be a safe haven for consumers while fighting to assure there is no place for this type of behavior in our industry."
Garage Door Services Featured on CBS:

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